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Saturday, November 17, 2012

How to reset Linksys WRT54G router ?

reset Linksys WRT54G Router (Linksys WRT54G ) :

Hi everyone, These days I've been receiving a lot of questions, One of this questions is :
 how to reset Linksys WRT54G router (Linksys WRT54G) back to 
the factory defaults ?
reset Linksys WRT54G
You may need to do reset Linksys WRT54G if you open your web browser and find that you have a sluggish Internet connection or no Internet connection at all , or if you forget your Linksys WRT54G’s password or made a mistake and you can’t connect to your Linksys WRT54G.This article contains suggestions for resetting your Linksys WRT54G so that you can get your Internet connection up and running again, I’ll outline 2 methods you can follow to reset Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G router.

Tutorial Video:

How to reset Linksys WRT54G router (2 Methods To Reset your Linksys Wrt54g ) 

First method " How to reset Linksys WRT54G router ?"

To reset Linksys WRT54G. Press the Reset button (small rounded button , it will likely be gray or red and may be sunk inside the plastic casing of the router) with a pen or anything  for 30 seconds , and after that then you unplug the power of your Linksys WRT54G and you keep holding down on the reset button for an additional 30 seconds, after that you plug it  back in then you wait for another 30 seconds and then you're done.
( reset Linksys WRT54G (Linksys WRT54G)to factory defaults will remove all settings you have configured for the router, such as security settings and passwords) reset Linksys WRT54G Reset button of linksys wrt54g
Now you can access your router control panel ( to change your password or ....) by typing your Default IP adress of linksys wrt54g in the address bar of your Web browser . For the login , Read this Article "Linksys wrt54g ip address default"
Congratulations! Your Linksys WRT54G has now been resetting.

Second method " How to reset Linksys WRT54G router ?"

Through the Control panel : Use the following steps to reset the router using this method.

1) Open your Web browser and type the IP address of your router, enter your user ID And password when prompted ( if you don't know your IP address and how to login , Read this Article "Linksys wrt54g ip address default" ) ip adress linksys
 2)At the top of the Web page, click “Administration” and then “Factory Defaults”. 3)Click the "Restore Factory Defaults" button and then click “Yes” when you are asked if you are sure if you want to reset your Linksys WRT54G. reset wrt54g

4)Now click the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the Web page. Congratulations! Your Linksys WRT54G has now been resetting. Those are 2 methods you can use to reset Linksys WRT54G.  

Friday, November 16, 2012

Linksys wrt54g ip address default

How to find ip address 

 for Linksys wrt54g (Linksys WRT54G)?

If you are looking to upgrade the firmware of your Linksys wrt54g router, or need to change your password, you first need to know the exact IP address of your Linksys WRT54G.
 The Default IP adress of linksys wrt54g ( or any linksys router) is or in some cases) linksys wrt54g default ip

Default ip address linksys wrt54g (Tutorial)

ip adress linksys wrt54g If you are accessing this page for the first time , When logging in, the default Username is left blank and Password is “admin”. ip adress This should work If you are connected the cable of your Linksys wrt54g router directly to your computer and router should be turned ON or you may see the blank page. If you are getting an error , you might have changed the default IP address at the installation and unfortunately, you don't remember that value any more. ip adress error

I changed the default IP address of my Linksys wrt54g (Linksys WRT54G) router And i forget it,what should I do ?

Don't worry, It's not a problem. There are at least 2 easy ways to determine the IP address of your Linksys wrt54g router . 1) Go to Start / Run and type cmd /k ipconfig ip adress
The IP address listed under “Default Gateway” is your Linksys WRT54G’s IP address ip adress default 2) Go to Start / Run and enter cmd /k tracert www.linksys-wrt54g-firmware.blogspot.com adress ip
The IP Address listed at the 1st hop is your Linksys wrt54g router’s IP address. ip adress default If nothing works you may need to reset your Linksys wrt54g router. (If you need more help with setup or installation or anything. feel free to ask yours questions in the comment section below.
 Ps :Make sure you mention all the details of your Linksys WRT54G)
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Download Linksys WRT54G firmware

To Download Linksys WRT54G firmware you should find model number or Version number of your Linksys Wireless Router like WRT54G ver ....

Step 1: Flip your wireless router over. Step 2: You should find the model number on a sticker . Please see the example. The serial number is located right underneath the model number. In this example,the model number of the device is WRT54G ver 6.
Linksys WRT54G firmware

Linksys WRT54G firmware

Download Linksys WRT54G firmware

Linksys WRT54G firmware : v1.0


Linksys WRT54G firmware : v2.0


Linksys WRT54G firmware : v2.2


Linksys WRT54G firmware : v3.0


Linksys WRT54G firmware : v3.1


Linksys WRT54G firmware : v4.0


Linksys WRT54G firmware : v5.0


Linksys WRT54G firmware : v7.0


Linksys WRT54G firmware : v7.2


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About The Linksys WRT54G

The Linksys WRT54G (Linksys WRT54G) :

Linksys WRT54G is a 3-in-1 networking device that lets your whole network share a high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection. It can act as a wireless access point, a 4-port Ethernet switch, or a router in one device.

 Product Features of Linksys wrt54g :

• Complies with 802.11g and 802.11b (2.4 GHz) standards
 • Wireless security with Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) 
• Enhanced Internet Security Management functions including Internet Access Policies with time schedules 
• All LAN Ports Support Auto-Crossover (MDI/MDI-X) - No Need for Crossover Cables 
• SecureEasySetup™ (SES) push button for easy configuration of wireless devices

Front Panel and LEDs of Linksys wrt54g : front of Linksys wrt54g

SecureEasySetup™ (Orange/White) - The Cisco logo is the router’s SecureEasySetup™ button. It lights up and will stay orange when the WRT54G ( router) is powered ON. The color orange indicates that the WRT54G ( router) is not using the SecureEasySetup™ feature, otherwise, it will turn white indicating that the feature is in use.
  • When the WRT54G ( router) enters SecureEasySetup™ mode, the Cisco logo will turn white and start flashing. After the router has generated the SSID and WPA Personal key, the Cisco logo will stop flashing and stay white. To clear the SSID and WPA Personal key, press and hold the Cisco logo for five (5) seconds. The Cisco logo will flash slowly as the router resets itself. The Cisco logo will turn orange to indicate a successful reset.
  • NOTE: SecureEasySetup™ is a feature that makes it easy to set up your wireless network. If you have SecureEasySetup™ devices, run the router’s setup wizard CD and follow the onscreen instructions to use SecureEasySetup™.
Power - The Power LED lights up green when the router is powered ON.
  Wireless - The Wireless LED lights up green if the wireless feature is enabled on the Linksys WRT54G ( router). 
  Ethernet 1, 2, 3, 4 - The Ethernet LEDs light up Green when there is a connection to a computer and/or a network device.
  Internet - The Internet LED lights up green if there is active connection to the modem.

Back Panel of the Linksys wrt54g :

Reset Button - Pressing this button for 10 seconds restores your Linksys ( router) back to its factory default settings.
  Internet Port - This is where you connect your broadband modem.
  Ethernet 1, 2, 3, 4 Ports - This is where you connect your computers or network devices using an Ethernet cable.
  Power Port - The Power port is where you connect the supplied power adapter (12 v 1 A).   Wireless - The Wireless LED lights up green if the wireless feature is enabled on the router.
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